Aggregate Delivery in Aldershot
Suppliers of Aggregates for Landscaping Projects

When undertaking a landscaping project, you will need to use a variety of primary or recycled aggregates to achieve the desired result. From crushed concrete in various grades to screened topsoil, we are trusted aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers for Aldershot, Walton-on-Thames and all the surrounding areas. Our company is a growing subsidiary of Inkerman Hire Services Ltd.

If you need an aggregate delivery or topsoil delivery, or even both, Inkerman Aggregates Ltd is here to help. Rain or shine, we’ll be there to help keep your landscaping work moving.

Call 01483 423995 or 07973 301201 to find out more.


Local Aggregate and Topsoil Suppliers

Based in Godalming, we are within easy reach of Aldershot and cover the area as dependable aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers.

  • Being local means we can deliver to domestic and commercial landscaping projects quickly

  • We have a wide range of primary and recycled aggregates to choose from

  • We understand that you need materials soon after you order them

  • It isn’t always the case that a national supplier will meet your needs quite as quickly as we can

Inkerman Aggregates Ltd can make an aggregate delivery or a topsoil delivery on a same-day or next-day basis, depending on when you place your order and what we have available in terms of fleet vehicles to load, transport and drop off to you.


Loads in Volume

Because our parent company has a choice of grab lorries and tipper trucks in its fleet, we have no issues at all with large orders. If you are a commercial client in Aldershot, we can deliver primary and recycled aggregates in loads of up to 20 tonnes. Very few aggregate suppliers or topsoil suppliers, even the nationals, can deliver in volumes of this size.

The great thing about using a grab lorry or tipper truck for an aggregate delivery or a topsoil delivery is placement. We can drop off your loads exactly where you want them so, once you need to use them, everything is where it should be.

The faster we are with our deliveries, the sooner you can get back to work and finish inside your own timeframe.

Small Loads

While we specialise in primary and recycled aggregates for the commercial sector in Aldershot, we never forget the needs of our valued domestic customers. We have smaller 4-wheel lorries which can fit into tighter workspaces, and our grab lorries have extending arms which can drop off an aggregate delivery or a topsoil delivery just about anywhere – even over fencing.

Even our small fleet vehicles carry loads of up to 16 tonnes so you will always have enough materials onsite to cope.

Some aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers in Aldershot do whatever they can to avoid smaller deliveries. We don’t because, no matter how small or large your project is, it is just as important to our company as it is to the customer.

And we never let our customers down.

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