Topsoil Delivery in Farnham
Local Suppliers with a Keen Eye for Lawn Care

Inkerman Aggregates Ltd, a sister company to Inkerman Hire Services Ltd, is a supplier of recycled aggregates and topsoil to the Farnham area. Based in Godalming, we know that when you order a topsoil delivery for a lawn, or an aggregate delivery for a hard landscaping project, the materials you receive need to be of the highest quality. With topsoil, the quality will determine which types of grass will grow to form a lawn.

Some aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers are less than attentive to what they deliver. We promise to only supply you with quality screened topsoil that does the job well.

There are numerous benefits to using our topsoil. 


Consistent Quality

When we make a topsoil delivery to the Farnham area, it will be screened beforehand in an even mesh so that the particles are of a consistent size and texture. If you choose us for an aggregate delivery, please feel reassured that our complete range of recycled aggregates is also meticulously screened too. A screened topsoil is highly beneficial to a lawn.

Even without any plants, the lawn will still look great and act as a colourful centrepiece for the garden.

Buy from aggregate suppliers or topsoil suppliers who don’t screen their materials, and the uneven texture of the soil can leave a lawn looking uneven. Worse still, a lack of screening could leave clearance rubble in the soil.



When you plant seeds for a lawn, a screened topsoil has more nutrients and will produce healthier grass at a faster rate. The lawn won’t suffer from bare patches because, when you choose a topsoil delivery from Inkerman Aggregates Ltd, we screen everything. Use us for an aggregate delivery and you’ll see that our materials are equally high in overall quality.

With consistent topsoil grains, lawns in Farnham irrigate well and absorb water to promote better seed growth.

Choice of Grains

When you use Inkerman as your preferred aggregate suppliers and topsoil suppliers, you get to choose the grain of soil for your lawn. If you have a fine grade of topsoil in mind for a particular type of seed, please mention this to us when calling and we’ll recommend a suitable product.

There are many benefits to a finer grain of soil, including:

  • More choice in the flowers you’d like to use alongside your new lawn

  • Won’t require watering as often

  • Perfect for drier areas

  • Suitable for those who don’t want to face higher bills for frequent water usage

When it comes to recycled aggregates and topsoil in Farnham, we never try to fob you off with an inferior product. This is another of the many benefits to choosing us for an aggregate delivery or a topsoil delivery.

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