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Common Applications for the Materials We Deliver

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a large construction company, if you’ve been involved in surfacing, landscaping or building work, you’ll likely have some familiarity with aggregates. And even if you’re relatively unfamiliar with these materials, we take the time to inform you of everything you need to know before making your aggregate delivery. This customer-focused approach is what makes Inkerman Aggregates the trusted aggregate suppliers – and topsoil suppliers – in Guildford, Woking and the surrounding areas.

From a topsoil delivery to a consignment of recycled aggregates, our company covers all your needs. To highlight how versatile our range of materials is, we have looked below at some of the typical uses for aggregates.


How Our Customers Use Their Aggregate Delivery

Building Structures

Did you know that aggregates are among the most important ingredients in the production of concrete? In fact, the largest proportion of primary and recycled aggregates is used in the manufacture of concrete (around 36%). What’s more, a further 10% is then used to create the cement that then goes into the concrete.

As such, aggregates are one of the most vital materials for builders and building companies in and around Guildford. This explains why so many in the local construction industry rely on us as their aggregate suppliers.

For clarity, the primary and recycled aggregates that contribute to concrete manufacture include:

  • Crushed Stone

  • Recycled Concrete

  • Gravel

  • Slag

  • Sand

Aggregates make up between 60% to 80% of the concrete mix.

Landscaping Work

As topsoil suppliers, we also play a key role in the successful delivery of landscaping work. When making a topsoil delivery, our company supplies 8mm and 10mm screened soils. Both options represent highly versatile landscaping materials. Popular applications range from raised or new beds and borders to lawn bases.

In theory, the topsoil at your Guildford site should have the nutrients needed for any kind of vegetation and plants to flourish. But there are numerous reasons why your soil may lower in quality or become damaged. One of the most common examples is on and around building sites. The constant vehicle and foot traffic, as well as heavy machinery and goods (including aggregate delivery), strips away the original, nutrient-rich topsoil.

This is why a topsoil delivery is equally as important as any other consignment of recycled aggregates.


As aggregate suppliers, we also deliver materials like crushed stone and gravel for use as a sub-base for ballast on the railway network. The typical aggregate delivery for this application contains the materials that you find supporting the wooden cross ties. As you can imagine, the rails must stay secure and in place, so this further demonstrates the quality and suitability of recycled aggregates.

Road Systems

Crushed gravel is often used in multiple ways during main road construction or refurbishment. For example, you can use aggregates in the foundations and as part of the surface layer.

For larger projects in Guildford or the neighbouring areas, our topsoil suppliers can also provide a new layer of soil for roadside areas. A topsoil delivery can provide the perfect catalyst for healthy, attractive greenery around a new or repaired road.

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