Recycled Aggregates in Cobham, Farnham, Weybridge, Walton-on-Thames
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Are you looking to make your upcoming construction or landscaping project as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible? Or does your job have a tight, inflexible budget? No matter the specifications shaping your work, recycled aggregates make a great solution for an array of applications. At Inkerman Aggregates, we use our own in-house machinery to screen and process waste materials such as concrete, hardcore and tarmac. When crushed and free of contaminants, these materials perform to the same standards as primary alternatives.

As Surrey-based aggregate suppliers, we are active across Aldershot, Cobham, Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Woking and all the surrounding areas. We fulfil contracts in the domestic and commercial sectors, with local and regional homeowners, builders, commercial businesses and groundwork companies relying on us for fast, reliable aggregate delivery.


What Are Recycled Aggregates?

The best way to conceptualise recycled (or secondary) aggregates is in comparison to their alternative – primary aggregates. Extracted from naturally occurring mineral deposits, primary (or quarried) materials are ‘first time’ aggregates. In short, suppliers quarry them directly out of the ground before shipping them on for use in all manner of construction work.

As the name suggests, recycled aggregates are not a ‘first time’ material. Instead, they are a by-product resulting from other industrial operations, such as building demolition. Because these materials are still highly effective and durable, aggregate suppliers like us repurpose them for secondary use.

How We Recycle Aggregates

The production of secondary aggregates starts with materials such as broken concrete, rock, rubble, bricks and other building waste. To create the materials that make up your aggregate delivery, we first start a screening and crushing process.

We have our own concrete crusher and screener, giving us complete control of the recycling procedure from start to finish.

Of course, recycled aggregates must meet exacting quality standards. You can rest assured, our processes remove contaminants such as wood, metal and plastics using magnets and air separation.

We then crush the remaining materials to various sizes to suit a range of applications. As your aggregate suppliers, we deliver materials ranging in size from 10mm to 75mm.

What We Provide

From Walton-on-Thames to Weybridge, Inkerman Aggregates supplies and delivers:

  • Crushed Concrete – Types 1, 2 and 3

  • Screened Soil – 10mm sandy topsoil

  • Crushed Hardcore – Crushed to 75mm 

  • Crushed Tarmac – For tracks and car parks


The Benefits of Recycled Aggregates

When you choose a secondary aggregate delivery for your project, you open the door to numerous advantages.

  • Cost-Effective – Recycled materials require less labour and transportation than freshly mined options. This results in a lower, more appealing price point

  • Versatile – You can use these aggregates in a wide range of applications. Common examples include mixing with concrete, pathways, bulk filling and drainage solutions

  • Eco-Friendly – Recycled materials require no mining, and they avoid sending waste to landfills. As such, they have far less of a negative impact on the environment

  • Durable – Incredibly strong and structurally sound, recycled aggregates are just as robust as primary options, so there’s no compromise in quality or performance

Are you ready to schedule your aggregate delivery in Aldershot, Cobham, Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Woking or the surrounding areas? Find out what makes us the go-to recycled aggregate suppliers in and around Surrey.

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