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Does your project in Surrey or the surrounding areas require a significant amount of landscaping? Inkerman Aggregates provides a topsoil supply and delivery service that meets all short- and long-term needs. In the immediate-term, you receive a prompt, reliable topsoil delivery that ensures your project stays on schedule, minimising the chances of delays and disruption. But our product is also a great seeding soil, so it produces outstanding results and performance for many years to come.

Our company is the go-to topsoil supplier for locations in and around Surrey, including Aldershot, Cobham, Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Woking. Our many local and regional clients trust us for a quick, simple and dependable service.

With more than 50 years of experience fulfilling contracts in the domestic and commercial sectors, there’s no topsoil need we can’t meet.

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Why Do You Need Topsoil?

When it comes to natural, undeveloped land, topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. It’s a highly versatile landscaping material, with applications ranging from lawn bases to the creation of new or raised borders and beds.

In theory, the topsoil at your site should hold all the nutrients plants and vegetation need to flourish. However, it’s common for some soils to become damaged and of poor quality. This is especially true on and around construction sites where constant foot and vehicle traffic, not to mention heavy goods and machinery, strip away the natural topsoil, taking the nutrients with it. This is what makes your topsoil delivery as essential as that bringing your aggregates.

Unfortunately, many residential gardens also have nutrient-deficient soil, making it harder to grow grass and plants. New builds are particularly prone to poor soils due to their recent status as a building site.

Whether you’re transforming your garden or planning the aesthetics of a site when large-scale construction comes to an end, if you want any kind of vegetation to grow, you must have a quality topsoil.

As you would expect from leading topsoil suppliers, this is exactly what Inkerman Aggregates supplies.


Topsoil Delivery | What to Expect

Our company supplies 8mm and 10mm screened topsoils with the following characteristics:

  • Dark and Lightweight

  • Sandy Topsoil

  • Easy to Rake Out

  • A Great Seeding Soil

Inkerman Aggregates provides a Soil Test Certificate with your consignment. This document proves that your topsoil is free of contaminants. For your peace of mind, our screened soil complies with the relevant standards set out in BS 3882:2015 (Specification for topsoil).

We have invested in our own soil screener, so we have complete control of the screening process from start to finish. As respected aggregate and topsoil suppliers with a proud trading history stretching back to 1985, we offer unrivalled peace of mind.

With tippers and 6x4 grab trucks, we can meet any delivery requirement, be it a wide open space in Walton-on-Thames, a site with difficult access in Weybridge or anything in between.

In more spacious settings, we carefully tip out your goods in a location of your choosing. If your site has more obstacles, our drivers can use the grab crane attached to the truck and lift your consignment into place. Extendable to 8m, this crane can reach over walls and fences, making it ideal for a topsoil delivery into a back garden. Find out more about our services in Aldershot, Cobham, Farnborough, Farnham, Guildford, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Woking and wider Surrey. 

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