Recycled Aggregate Delivery in Walton-on-Thames
How Our Aggregates Help Keep Project Costs Down

Two things unite all building and landscaping work: budgets and timescales. Many aspects come together to make a job successful, but budget management and avoiding delays are among the most important. If work runs longer than expected, you need to spend more money than anticipated. This can start a downward spiral. It’s advisable, then, to find ways to lower costs, starting with your aggregate delivery.

As aggregate suppliers (including topsoil suppliers) covering Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Surrey, Inkerman Aggregates provides superior, yet cost-effective, services in the initial stages. From the supply of recycled aggregates to an on-time topsoil delivery, you can rely on us to keep your project on track and within budget.

But don’t just take our word for it. Below, we have looked at some of the ways we help to minimise construction and landscaping costs.


Helping You to Lower Costs

Recycled Aggregates

The most obvious way we can help you to meet your bottom line is through the materials in your aggregate delivery. If your project requires aggregates, you have one of two options: recycled or primary.

Put simply, suppliers extract primary aggregates directly out of the ground and ship them on for use in construction. Recycled, or secondary, materials are the result of other industrial processes, typically operations like building demolition.

Recycled aggregates are a far more cost-effective choice because:

  • Less labour is needed to produce them

  • They can be sourced locally, reducing transportation costs

As secondary aggregate suppliers, we source materials for recycling from sites in and around Walton-on-Thames. This means they benefit the local and regional environment too.

Are you looking for just a topsoil delivery? Secondary materials include screened soils. As aggregate and topsoil suppliers, we can cover all your needs.

Combined Services

Inkerman Aggregates has a varied fleet of vehicles to cover every eventuality. This allows us to draw up a bespoke solution based on the nature of your aggregate delivery, as well as the location and dimensions of your site.

In addition to 8-wheel tippers, we have 6x4 grab hire trucks too. While this makes delivery of recycled aggregates over walls, fences and other obstacles easier, it also allows us to meet your waste removal needs too.

With services like demolition, site clearance and excavations, the primary phase of construction and landscaping work generates a significant amount of waste. To minimise the chances of delays and disruption, you must remove site waste as soon as possible.

Following your aggregate or topsoil delivery, we can use the grab crane on the now-empty truck to collect your waste and transport it away from your site. As environmentally conscious aggregate suppliers, we direct as much of this waste as we can into our recycled aggregates.

In-House Equipment

Like all reputable aggregate and topsoil suppliers, Inkerman Aggregates owns our own equipment and machinery. This includes a screener and concrete crusher, not to mention the aggregate delivery vehicles you see on the streets of Walton-on-Thames.

Because of this ownership:

  • We aren’t reliant on third parties for rentals

  • We avoid rental costs which helps us to keep our rates as competitive as possible

  • We are not subject to the mistakes and misfortunes of another company, drastically reducing the chances of delayed or disrupted services

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on providing a highly personal service at an affordable price. Having invested in our company over the years, we offer more flexible, customisable solutions for aggregate and topsoil delivery. This bespoke quality allows you to pay a fair price for only the services you require.

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